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The Pop Group

The Pop Group


Jan 30,2015 UP


The Pop Group


「“怒れる女司祭”ことアーシア・アルジェントは、俺たちが住んでいるこの狂ったゾンビ・ワールドでの同志のひとりだ。俺たちは共に闘うために生まれてきた。彼女は最高だよ!」 マーク・スチュワート 2015
“The priestess of provocation, Asia Argento is a kindred spirit in this crazy zombie world we live in, we were born to collaborate, she’s the bomb!” Mark Stewart 2015

 私の映像と“マッド・トゥルース”が永遠につながっていられることを心から感謝します。」アーシア・アルジェント 2015

"Collaborating with The Pop Group is a dream come true. The track blew my mind: all the set-ups and symbols in the video are inspired on a subconscious level by the music and the lyrics. I imagined a world ruled by the colourful souls of eternal children, expressing their crazy love through art, a spiritual warfare against a world populated by the living dead.

The kids that appear in the video have worked also in the last movie I directed, including my daughter Anna-Lou. Between us there is a deep bond of trust and freedom.

The same freedom I was given by the band when they chose me to direct their first single in 35 years.

I am deeply grateful to have my vision entwined with MAD TRUTH for eternity."

Asia Argento 2015


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